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VASDON 5 year Plan 2008-2013
we thank for your questions and hints:
VASDON PranaVerein 5 year Project Plan - Working Paper (June 2008)

Main gaol from PranaVerein is to help to improve the health situation of the region, spec the poorest people need first urgent aid. To secure the input and to bring in newest technologies and knowhow from Europe (by teaching the teachers and teaching by doing) VASDON is running the VASDON INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER (VIV) program.

1. To improve the health situation there is an improvement in the following matters necessary:

1.1. Nutrition

To bring up the level of self-produced food in the region the following measurements are already in progress:

1.a study of the renovation and modernisation of the hygenic standard of existing farms
1.b operation of a plant and tree nurserey to give out the plants to the poorest farmers for free
1.c to build up a provisonal network for suppling those in heavy need very soon

1.2. Hygenic
2.a building of wash-houses with toilet, bathroom and washplace
2.b cleaning front places and improving livestock farming (cattle)
2.c chimney project
2.d cleaning houses

1.3. Transport
3.a sucessful maintaince of the Wafal - Chehere road will be expanded
3.b planning of the Saping - Wafal raod, financed with 3000.- Euro from Austria, must be finished
3.c maintaince of the new build road Dolalghat - Saping will be organised including a VASDON health transportation system for 12 month

2. Projects

2.1. Project A: renovation of an existing farmhouse in Wafal and build the first wash-house

2.2. Project B: Plant nursery and fruit processing starting with

- improvement of the soil
- trees
- vegetables
- herbs
- processing the fruits to products for the region, first step for the poorest

give out in first step to the poorest farms for free and buy back also their fruits within a microeconomic grassroot model.
this increases quality and productivity of the farming effort and supports so the nutrition portion of the whole project.
the plant nursery will also have a processing unit for the fruits coming back, here spec aimed at the use in the region, to improve also the soil quality.

2.3. Project c: VASDON CENTER starting with

- health transport spec during monsoon time
- health station only for the poorest
- nutrition support system for the poorest (rice, food at supported prices)

2.4. Project D: training and installation of the VASDON TECHNICAL TEAM starting with

- road maintenance
- house building, renovation and maintenance
- bath-house building and maintenance
- fence building and maintenance