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Report from VASDON, December 2007
Observation of the project progress and definition of project steps until the next visit
we thank for your questions and hints:
Viisit Dezember 2007

During a visit in december 2007 the following status of the 5 projects started in August 2007 could be clarified.

A. Running projects


1. Road construction project

PranaVerein contributed Euro 2500.00 for the cost of the governmental road planning. In December 2007 17 km of planning are finished, the remaining 10 km will be finished in Jan 2008. With the completed plans the final total cost estimation incuding constructions, water management and maintainace for the first 5 years will be made.

The total costs will be contibuted by VASDON, who is coordinating the VDCs (Village Develpment Comitees, the government and PranaVerein. PranaVerein will contribute 5 years long each year Euro 4.000.-, depending on the progress of the construction.

So the next project steps are:

1.a Planning completed

1.b Total cost estimation for the first 5 years

1.c Time table

1.d Meeting to agree on the further steps

1.e Signing the MOU for the project by all parties

2. Road maintainance project

There is a governmental cost planning of Euro 40.000.- for the maintainance of the existing road of 17 KMs for a full gravelling and additional monsoon water managment. PranaVerein cannot engage financially in that project. The main damages of the road are caused by the monsoon rain and must be repaired every year anew. At a visit of the road an a meeting with the road maintainace team a much cheaper way to maintain the road was discussed, that can basicially be done by the VDCs themselfes using locally available material instead of bringing the gravelling up from the river. Additional constuctions for the monsoon water managment are neccesary. This is an effort that has to be coordinated with the villagers, who are also effected by the water.

3. Honey bee project

VASDON is preparing a 3 day basic training course in the area. That measurment is also supported by official sites.

The cost of one beehouse with the beehive will cost around Euro 50.-. Local production of the beehouses by the villagers will be checked to lower the costs.

An organisation structure for the beekeeping, honeymaking and marketing must also be established. As one possible modell VASDON will hold the central position as owner of the bees and the neccessary equipment, employing villagers at a certain salary to be worked out. So the profit of the bee project will bring a salary to the villagers and additional funds to VASDON.

So the next project steps are:

3.a detaild Cost and time planning for training and beehouses

3.b definition of organisation structure

3.c agreement of financial participation of VASDON and PranaVerein, ev. governmental sites

3.d project start

4. Herbal farming
VASDON is checking which herbs can be sold to Nepalese herbal product manufactorers. Depending on that result VASDON will provide training, seeding material, eventually own land, qualitiy control and marketing of the different herbs.

So the next project steps are:

4.a finding buyers within the Nepales herbal products manufactorers

5. Collection of jungle fruits

VASDON is checking for buyers of dried jungel fruits within the Nepalese manufactores.

5.a identifing available jungle fruits including rough estimation of the volume available

5.b finding buyers within the Nepales herbal, ayurvedic and cosmetic products manufactorers

B. Health issues

As PranaVerein is engage in health issues, specially alternative healing arts, the health improvment of the villagers is most important. All projects are to support this.

6. Chimneys
One of the characteristics of the region is the cooking in the houses on open fires, means without chimney. This causes by nature also the common lung problems, which can be diminished by the construction of proper and more hygenic cooking facilities.

6.a Finding a number of volunteers among the villagers, who want to participate as first movers in the chimney project.

7. Water and waste water

Although there is sufficient fresh water available there is no running water in the houses. The improvment that can be achieved is a better sanitary and hygenic situation. This can partly solve the wide range of digestion problems.